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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  March 11, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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lack of vitamin c. they discover if they put lime's on board a great source of vitamin c and give each sailor a small drink of lime juice a day no scurvy so the british saying became known as limeys. cheryl: thank you. a new word. adam: ten years, 13 deaths and 1.6 million cars recalls. lawyering the pans launching an internal investigation as congress comes questioning, live on capitol hill with the latest. cheryl: bad credit? no credit? no problem. are the mistakes of the sub prime lending pass? the only way to boost housing market, we will ask david if history is repeating itself. adam: $3 billion in new debt, pr's largest bond sale in years, time to turn around its economy. robert donahue joins us to pull back the curtain on pr's
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problems. cheryl: do you believe in miracles? citigroup might. when it comes to j.c. penney the retailer, the stock is high as you see on your screen, when it comes to j.c. penney. adam: bring you up-to-date on gm congress marginal major program to general motors, lawmakers want to know why it took the auto giant nearly a decade to recall 1.6 million vehicles because of faulty ignition switches. that flaw has been linked to 13 deaths. rich edson is on the story and joins us with more from washington. rich: congress is looking into general motors, the government is looking into general motors and general motors is looking into general motors after the news that the chairman of the house energy and c committee was launching an investigation. fred upton meeting with a number of folks to the national highway trading safety administration, staff were continuing to have briefings to figure out why complaints of 260 over the last
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decade did not alert warnings from federal regulators. we heard back on this, the federal agency looks into issues like this saying we did receive that but they received 40,000 different complaints from drivers each year about their cars and if you look at what is happening here the air bag was not, the car was turning off and the air bag wasn't being the blood. as for cars stalling it is a common defect, a complaint for a number of consumers. heard back from general motors, in a letter to employees saying process for determining whether and when to recall of vehicle is decided by experience, technical experts to do their work independent of managers with responsibilities, if they decisions are made on the technical facts and engineering analysis. this is brought to my team a few weeks ago, we acted without hesitation to go beyond the decision by technical experts. right now general motors says it
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is working with suppliers to try to get parts back to these cars. we should be listing them on the screen. those are the cause you have to be concerned about. make sure you take all the extra stuff off of your key ring. put it into the ignition and contact general motors and get your car fixed. adam: rich edson has the latest from washington. for more on this we are going to bring in steeple nicholas analyst james albertin. thank you for making time for us, general motors stock trading now. this is the kind of thing general motors can recover from. >> thanks for having me. it is all about how they are handling it or will handle it. they are doing a good job but you cannot let this debate prolonged. go back six months ago there was a heated debate around the jeep cherokee and fuel tanks and exposure to rear end collisions. people don't realize they're worth 5 million toyota unit's
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recall last year. it is all how the manufacturer handles it. and it needs to be nipped in the bud if you will. otherwise there could be a longer-term impact. adam: this goes back we for decades the ford pinto problems could general motors be facing whether valid or not the reputation will challenge that could damage their stock going forward from investment? >> i don't think so. there is never an opportune time considering all manufacturers bring record amounts of products to market and this jostling for share but like i said, i think they're doing a good job trying to nip this in the blood. i don't think the specifics of the vote we call or anything more severe than the toyota prius and intended acceleration issues and prius sales have done well even withstanding those recalls earlier in the decade so they can certainly recover from
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it. adam: this is by no means the largest recall in history. we have had larger recalls. >> absolutely. it is top of my 1.6 million -- sound like a big number again, 18.8 million units recall across the industry last year alone of which toyota was 5 million of those and gm less than of million. sounds like a big number but in reality it isn't that big an issue. adam: i am not familiar with all the tragedies with the 13 people killed because of potential problems but did that take place before the bankruptcy and from an investment standpoint what and gm be protected from judgments coming down the pike? >> one question we close to management and are waiting on is a formal response from them so it would be hard to way in through the legalese as it relates to that but if you look at recall, all different types and makes and models and vintages, chrysler is another
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example, that recall last year was models going back into the 90s yet were still responsible from a warranty perspective. i don't know if the bankruptcy protects gm in this instance. adam: will we see a commercial that will address not only the shareholders of general motors the 310 million in the united states? a lot of us have jammed cars? >> tied for me to say. don't know how they will handle that from a pr standpoint. adam: thank you. cheryl: there is pressure again today, this story has gotten some legs. the energy committee is all over them. adam: congress goes after when they see low hanging fruit to make a name for themselves but getting to the bottom. adam: more on gm and the overall market's. let's bring in nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange where in this session we are pulling back from those gains we had earlier today and
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volume is a little better today. nicole: traders are watching the market so closely because it is volatility. back-and-forth action, we are up, we are down, the name of the game, this entire year, the dow is down 55 points after having been up 40 points today so we have had that back-and-forth action, names like mcdonald's, caterpillar and microsoft have been trying to lead the way so the tech stock has been giving it a go and watching to see if the nasdaq could be on track to snap its losses and the nasdaq is down retailers are under pressure because of the cold winter and we have seen a lot of retailers but watching those of a bank and men's warehouse hitting new highs because you can finally say they are coming closer to a deal for $65 a share, $1.8 billion back and forth since last october but it looks
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like they are closer to the done deal for these retailers. cheryl: that is the best stock offer in the business world. finally we get the news on that one. market's continuing to set new records this year but the street is still on edge. an aging bull market leading investors to $18 billion from the biggest and most heavily traded s&p 500 atf which is more than what flowed into that last year. the chief investment strategist at wisdom tree is here. let's talk about this. the outflow. the most popular and well known edf attracts the s&p 500. if billions are going out that means someone out there is nervous. what do you make of this activity? >> it is normal. we have seen many coming in, sometimes people using it to trade and sometimes to edge. there are other etss tracking
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the s&p 500 that have seen in flows this year so i would say the market is consolidating. cheryl: we are looking at potentially europe of the european market, out of 11 bull markets only three mated to year 6 and many are questioning the u.s. economy wages. the energy market. where will this come from? >> what is unusual is interest rates are at zero% sell as long as the fed is low and interest rates in the short-term part of the curve the feeling is the market continues to have legs. corporations can borrow with rates low and to buy back stock and increased dividend payments. you are seeing record highs and dividend payments in the u.s. and profits and even an employment you are likely at record highs in total employed persons in this country by the end of the year so i should think the risk is people prematurely exit the equity market. cheryl: we have good memories. we were burned by the technology
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bubble and the financial crisis and after five years amazing returns for the major markets. it is okay to be cautious. something else that is happening that i wanted to get your take on, hedge funds are beginning to change their strategy. knock on multimillion-dollar hedge fund but the smaller hedge funds, trying to get the retail investor in. they are now be hitting like exchange traded funds which is basically tracking multiple stocks, low fees but even hedge fund guys are trying to play this now. >> hedge funds are having a harder time generating output because there's so much competition. a lot of people using edfs, try to play one asset class of another. and take advantage of any efficiencies in the market. the more competition it is the harder it is to beat the benchmarks. cheryl: kantor fitzgerald and reggie brown has edf trading, in the u.s. money is on the sidelines.
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any new money is going to europe which would make sense if you are seeing this shift in thinking of a hedge fund managers, i will come of the the new strategy. >> they can use european etss, i agree we have seen in flows but the inflows the first three months have been tepid relative to what we have seen the last three years. liz: we are big fan of camry. he had a hedge fund and got rid of it. he turned it into the hedge fund and it became a global edf type of fund, turned it into an et of. will that happen here? regulation is a piece of it. >> more and more global asset allocators will take that approach. they used the ets instead of the individual stock. this will you don't have to take the company risk embedded in running a particular security. cheryl: thank you very much for your commentary. the next thing happening in the market right now we are trying to get down to it.
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adam: fuel cells stocks posting record highs leading some to talk of a bubble. leading the way over 190% of past month, and the company's soaring since it announced deals of six major distribution centers which include walmart, fedex and lows. cheryl: a few people heard of the trading firm of virtue financial but that is all about to change. the electronic trading company plans to raise the one hundred million dollars in initial public offering, a big payday for vincent viola, to own the majority of shares to the revenue. over $664 million last year, and 8% rise from 2012 and had only one day of losses over the last five years. goldman sachs and jpmorgan are among the underwriters and berkshire will trade under the ticker symbol v i r a t which
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will be trading on the nasdaq. ipos this year, something that will continue, a lot of new companies coming to market. adam: the war of words heating up in ukraine as we draw closer to its secession vote in crimea. the latest in who the ukrainian prime minister is calling and this is a quote, a gang of fascists. cheryl: ukraine to china, credit suisse, massive stock miles hitting iron ore prices tied. will lowest in four years. we are live on the pads of the cme with a good explanation. we will be right back.
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and tomorrow we will up it yet again. cheryl: the situation in ukraine remains tense. ukrainians just north of crimea's a russian operatives moved into the territory. associated press reports say russia is formulating its own solution to the crisis. latest developments on this he shoot tom daschle and webster. ashley: the next couple days could be very critical in finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis in ukraine but that prospect, let's be honest, seems pretty bleak at this point.
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the news conference in russia, depose ukrainian president yanukovych call the politicians in ukraine gained of fascists and says presidential elections a firm that -- may twenty-fifth are illegal. same day ukrainian prime minister is calling the authorities in granny and unorganized gained back by the russians. a lot of games out there. outside negotiations also floundering. john kerry says he won't talk with russia until moscow actually agrees to debate u.s. proposals on the crisis. vladimir putin calls those proposals, quote, not suitable land is wrapping his own plan. there is very real concern sunday's referendum vote could mark a dangerous turning point. a yes vote could embolden moscow to send more troops into the region and the yes vote is certain because there's no real option to vote no. crimean parliament says this is how the ballot will look. voters were asked two choices,
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join russia immediately or declare independence and then join russia. voters simply asked to check one of two boxes. the choices i yes now or yes later. voting no is not an option. in london officials are meeting to discuss racial and officials including asset freezes of travel bans, and these could be enacted within days. and go ahead with the referendum, that goes to the whole situation. cheryl: thank you so much. adam: the best friends sanctions against russia. fox business contributor phil flynn joined us from the trading pits of the cme and brent moving the above $108 a barrel. where are we now? >> $108.22, and the spread has picked up well over $1 today. it is not just the ukraine. the ukraine is the big headline
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story. we are concerned about libya. there is this north korean tanker that rebels killed a put will. the libyan government says if the tanker beeves we will blow up and the possibility the libyan government is taking by force these oil export terminals if they don't get a resolution to that situation. a lot of concern about that into the market so you have two things the market is focused on. the other thing is u.s. oil production is going to be a record not as big as they said over the next few years, and came up with the latest predictions in that crude-oil influences refineries will take out the previous side from 2004. new record but not as high as they said before. adam: iron ore prices are tumbling. troubling news regarding china's economy hitting a new four year low. >> the new four year low and on top of that the biggest one day
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drop on record percentagewise. this is a huge story. big miners are saying this is a short-term situation, they still believe in the long term china demand story but short-term is really a money situation. concerns about credit in china driving these markets and high inventories and a lot of people in china use iron ore to finance a lot of deals but with tightening credit situations like a huge margin call, people holding on to the supplies are dumping them. adam: when you say it is a short-term problem like real-estate agents back in 2006 the prices of houses will fall. liz: it is all funding game so you can't fire x box, microsoft launches its new game tighten fall, and how they will spur cotton sales. we will bring them to you in the west coast minute.
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liz: saving puerto rico? $3 billion in new debt by the commonwealth.
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adam: puerto rico mack stout
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selling $3.3 billion in new debt, yielding 8.7% was pretty good, news for the struggling commonwealth could hint at trouble down the road. robert donahue is the director of municipal market advisor is and joins us now to explain why. they bought themselves some time. most analysts say one year, maybe two bobby back to the potential default restructuring they faced before the debt offering? >> the collective breath of relief today in the minister will market technicals removed in pr's favor today, and four months ago last month when puerto rico was getting downgraded, there was concern whether puerto rico could access additional capital to bridge itself to something and the concern is what did the bridge themselves to? another fiscal crisis? is it to some kind of economic recovery? the problems in puerto rico
1:26 pm
remain. the economy continues to struggle. every month we seem to see economic indicators dropping. there don't seem to be cute drivers of economic growth so this may provide temporary breathing room and we may be back where we were. in a year or two. adam: a bridge to what? we interviewed robert from municipal managers yesterday and he said they are concerned how much revenue pr will have to raise to meet all the commonwealth's obligations, you did that issue. we have seen different articles, they have to cut, they have a population that is leaving, revenue decrease in, how did they service the debt without restructuring? >> restructuring is a very broad word right now and i think we are in a restructuring right now. different cycles of restructuring, most of these bond proceeds are being used to pay off existing debts.
1:27 pm
it is not being used to provide new capital, new roads, new schools in pr. it is not doing anything others and literally kicking the can down the road. it is a concern that the debt levels are going to be stifling for pr the way this bond is structured, they won't pay interest the next couple years and they have to pay out but the issuing revenue is the big issue, they raise the one$.3 billion in revenues this year and there's a lot of concern that is hurting more economic growth. you are right. the prior governor cut workers, he cut 30,000 workers. this governor has chosen to raise revenue and a lot of the issue with the revenue is it was on the backs of corporations. 4% of pr's revenues are coming from corporations and a handful of multinational corporations so the question is how much taxation can you layer on top of these corporations before they leave for layering on top of the people before they leave?
1:28 pm
the demographics and pr -- adam: more puerto ricans in the united states ban on the island. when you talk about these issues at the end of the day the bond that was sold this morning in increments of $100,000, they will flip them. who is going to bind this and who will get burned down a road if they are holding this? >> if i had an answer to that, i don't have an answer. a lot of -- i listened to your prior segment about hedge funds and there are limited opportunities. i know a lot of sovereign will funds have a lot of cash and not many opportunities and traditional municipal buyers may have participated to some extent but for the large part are staying away from this because the optics, this has been bad for the municipal market, continuous stream of negative had lied about pr spotlighting some funds without sized holdings in puerto rico so we are seeing a change in the dynamics of the holdings of pr-so the hedge funds coming and helps out today.
1:29 pm
this offering, new class of investors coming in today. the reason that the bond tax-exempt is they are hoping the municipal buyers will come back when the storm clears and the dust settles. i am not sure whether that will happen given all negative headlines. in the bond deal, disclosure was incredible and the amount of disclosure was scary. how much risk puerto rico holders are having and give you mentioned there keeping away from retail investors by having $100,000 denomination. this deal is structured -- adam: got to cut you off. weather the storm clouds are gathering or if the storm is abating. we will invite you back to answer that in a few months. >> thank you very much. cheryl: sub prime loans. the backbone of the financial crisis five years ago. fast-forward to today. americans with bad credit or no credit are once again being offered the sub prime option. david lawton's will be joining us. adam: look at who is up or down.
1:30 pm
the big winner after yesterday's reporting for february same-store sales. in a video presentation today cfo pete thins and reiterated the push to stabilize its u.s. operations which now log four months of falling same-store sales from a year earlier. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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in the new new york,
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we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at adam: back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole petallides is there. she is watching quest diagnostics. >> i am indeed, adam. as obamacare pushes employers to push forward with programs for health and wellness, this is one of the reasons why we're seeing quest diagnostics making an acquisition today. the stock is up nearly 2 1/2%. quest diagnostics, a madison, new jersey, company, acquiring
1:34 pm
summit health based in michigan and what they're doing, they will complete this probably the end, i'm sorry, the first half of 2014. the terms of the deal have not been revealed but this is all about health and wellness, preventative care and the like. summit also has a national network of nurses who are on site for wellness programs. this is a big move here. back to you. cheryl: nicole, thank you so much. appreciate it. five years after the financial crisis of 2008, most subprime borrowers continue to remain frozen out of lending circles but a new report says that is changing. a crop of new lenders are wading back in, enticed by relatively high interest rates they can charge desperate home-seekers and lack of competition from major banks. is the return of the subprime mortgage happening? mbs managing partner david liken joins me right now. david, is it? >> it is. sorry for the phone. there is so much bandwidth going on here because of south by
1:35 pm
southwest, cheryl. we are seeing return of this. the big question, have we learned lessons from the last cycle? it is definitely happening. we're seeing subprime type products coming back. cheryl: talk about this. this isn't bank of america and, this is small lenders willing to service this group of people. but the whole, you know, the whole fallout from the financial crisis was regulation, consumer protect bureau, sec. everybody coming in an clamping down. how is this activity being monitored? what is different? >> the cfpp is monitoring virtually anything going on in lending but they have drawn a bright line. there is thing called qualified mortgage and non-qualified mortgage. everything subprime is going into the non-qualified mortgage space. what happened, with the low interest rates, as low as they are, everyone that falls into the qualified risk or qualified mortgage status, cheryl, have refinanced. now we watch interest rates jump up anywhere from 60 to 80 basis
1:36 pm
points from where they were a year ago. it caused real estate market and lending activity to drop off as much as 40 to 60% a lot of banks out there that have made a lot of money on the lending are under pressure to get earnings up. so they go, what do we need to do to get the lending activity going? one of the things we're doing is seeing subprime products roll in by smaller community banks and non-institutional, non-financial institution companies. cheryl: i get it you don't want history to repeat itself, hopefully it is not. i was looking at numbers to give screwers example of what we're seeing here. the subprime mortgage market in 2006, precrisis was 8billion dollars. 30, until october, was $36 billion. that is a third. we're nowhere near the subprime market. >> yeah. >> but for 2014, all indications say we have slowing housing market. does that mean that subprime is going to build in 2014? >> yes.
1:37 pm
here's why. if you can bring back subprime borrowers. those just below the credit standards and 680, varies from lender to lender, low as 680 credit score, you will see those buyers come back to start stimulating home sales, continue growth of home sales. that is probably the primary objective here, other than just to get loan volumes back up to continue to grow. that is the conundrum we find regulators n they're going, we may have overregulated this to a degree, cheryl. so they are, should we let the subprime lenders start coming back? that is the same slippery slope we got on the last type. what is unique about this one, we don't have the same economic environment that we had in the last cycle that we have in this one. this one is even more precarious. cheryl: what is interesting, we're seeing that interest rates may marginally rise in 2013. not a surprise of course with the fed taper. but at the same time, what we're seeing is a lower supply, lower inventory for homes being sold. what that means is, that the
1:38 pm
banks are looking for new revenue generators. do you think that we could see a day, maybe this year in 2014, where big banks start to go for those borrowers that have credit scores under 700, tle if you wi? >> yes. absolutely. we're starting to see that. i get contacted by big banks all the time. what do you think about this? or consultants in the financial industry. we're getting calls now. they're entertaining it. what can we do to continue to serve our borrowers, customers, continue to build the housing market and make money in the process. cheryl: david like ken, we'll keep following this at fox business. any way we can take you we'll take it. >> good to be back with you, cheryl. have a great day. cheryl: south by southwest taking over the city of dallas, texas. that is where he lives. adam: jcpenney is one of the hottest stocks. we have details on who is confident the retailer's turn around has begun. cheryl: colorado bringing around
1:39 pm
$2 million from recreational pot use in january. first time ever recorded. here is the kicker. they're running out of places to grow it. that is coming up in the west coast minute. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. spt-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options flor... [ indistincthouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorsm from td ameritrade. ♪
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>> i'm lauren simonetti about your fox business brief. the sec is reviewing a plan that would require stockbrokers to disclose to clients bonuses they receive when switch firms.
1:41 pm
finra, wall street industry watchdog. sac capital advisors, the firm that pled guilty to insider trading in november trade changing its name. they will become point 72 asset management named for the sac address. they agreed to stop managing outside money and paid a record $1.2 billion fine to settle criminal charges. small business optimism index fell to lowest level in a year. reported a february reading 91.4. that is down a whopping 2.7 points from the prior month's reading that is the latest from the fox business, giving you the power to prosper.
1:42 pm
>> it was a retailer on death watch. stores closing, sales spiraling out of control, but guess what? jcpenney shares jumping after upgrade from citigroup.
1:43 pm
sandra smith with the latest. >> citigroup basically upgrading jcpenney shares, buy them at this level. here is the stock up five 1/2%. it is top gainer in the s&p 500 right now. it has come off its session highs but still a hefty 45-cent gain for a stock trading around $9 a share. this is the story we've all been talking about. look at this drop, over 40% fall over the past year and even recently flirting below the $5 mark. some folks are saying that jcpenney might be going away but citigroup is saying buy the stock. here is the reason. updates to its home merchandise are going to be good. they're removing unpopular items off their shelves. and they're restocking basics and private line labels. so he is really optimistic. his caveat, the go forward phase for citigroup, it might be slow but they do like the risk/reward ratio. so guys, they're saying buy it. stock getting a boost today.
1:44 pm
one other name i wanted to point out, macy's up a couple percent. this stock getting analyst upgrade at wells fargo to outperform rating. look at this, all-time highs for macy's today. great day for department store chains. jays's -- jcpenney, coles, dillard's up time. finish with bon-ton stores. not a great day. this stock getting a 10% hit. the company announcing that the ceo will depart next year after sales have been very soft. they have dropped about three straight quarters. now they're changing up management. back to you guys. adam: sandra, thank you very much. we want to go back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. keith bliss is joining us now. and, keith, i guess in a world where jcpenney is looking good anything is possible. what is your take on what is going on here? are we waiting for a some kind of major event whether ukraine to give usdownside or upside. >> that is precisely correct,
1:45 pm
adam. the we're stuck in neutral. we'll be choppy and sloppy as we go through this. number one we wait with the u.s.-russian relations as it affects crimea and ukraine. people are standing by as you know there is a lot of talk about the validity of the economic numbers through the winter. they will wait until we get numbers in april and may, to see if it is weather-related but we have slowdown in the economy. give you three things to watch right now. adam: okay. >> copper prices. they should bottom out and basing $3. expect material stocks to come up with the news. look at transports. tight correlation between transports and s&p 500. transports are still rallying even though we're trading down on s&p 500. they're getting up to overbought level. s&p follows suit. look at dollar euro relationship. dollar is under pressure in relation to the euro. dollar hit as, base level, a little higher today, but getting toward the oversold level. when we get that expect u.s. equities to rally. therefore we think the path of leaves resistance even in the
1:46 pm
stock market is bullish sense and upward. adam: keith bliss, we appreciate it. puts a smile on our face. cheryl: thanks, keith. three things. coming up in your "west coast minute", tens of thousands of painkillers lost equals a federal investigation and possible $29 million fine for cvs. adam: apple's quest for world domination is continuing. the new pressure they are putting on record companies. do they still call them record? it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with ss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy.
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multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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cheryl: okay. time for your "west coast minute". seattle-based microsoft launches new blockbuster name, titan fall. the first person shooter game is played online with others and expected to boost xbox console
1:50 pm
sales. seahawks player richard sherman are among people hired to draw attention. early reviews are pretty positive. shares of eahitting a new record today. looking at microsoft. that stock is higher by 26 cents. 38.08 on that name. cvs caremark is under a federal probe allegedly losing track of hydrocodone pills at four california stores. 37,000 pills are missing and might have been sold in the black market. this could mean $29 million in fines for cvs. each pill has a street value of about $10. finally the state of colorado made roughly two million dollars in recreational marijuana tax this is past january. the world's first accounting by the way of the recreational pot business ever in history. but that booming business is causing headaches in denver's industrial real estate sector. pot merchants are having enough time finding vacant warehouses suitable to grow their weed. denver's industrial vacancy rate
1:51 pm
is 3.1%, with bidding wars being reported. that is the "west coast minute", adam. adam: apple, we could call it weech watch when we do stories on marijuana. apple is reportedly pressuring record labels to offer exclusively new releases at its itunes store. jo ling kent with the details. apple trying to muscle in on something? what is going on. >> hock shocking adam. steve jobs said that people want their own music. now that statement is being put to the test again by the company itself. "the l.a. times" is reporting that apple is pushing major record companies to offer new releases exclusively on i tunes. this would make songs unavailable on major streaming players like spotify, pandora and beats. apple is in unique position to do this potentially work. itunes dominates 80% of all download sales in the u.s. sources say apple is using
1:52 pm
beyonce's successful fifth alum as strategy is the way to go. we'll talk to apple as soon as they get back to us. stream something luring away usual buyers in 2013. first time since itunes opened up shop, digital track sales fell and digital album sales drop ad a 10 of a percent. itunes radio is growing very fast. according to edison research last week, despite only launching september 2013, itunes overtook spotify as third most popular streaming service this month. pandora is still dominating with 80 million users and 31% market share. itunes radio has already 8% market share. they expect to sake take over second place from i heart radio. back to you. adam: interesting when you talk about owning music. i would be one of the geeks who thought steve jobs is right. so much easier to plug in the
1:53 pm
song on spotify, jo. >> absolutely. it is the future. >> liking the music theme right now, guys. speaking of music, looks like songs about heartbreaker they pay off actually. you get your heartbroken and make a lot of money. taylor swift topping billboard annual moneymaker list thanks to touring, cds and digital downloads. the pop singer raked in $40 million in 2013. this is taylor swift's second time topping the list. thanks to touring dollars, she raked in close to 36 million bucks. rounding out rest of the money makers is kenny chess any, justin timberlake and bon jovi and iconic rock band, rolling stones. taylor swift, no boy should date her but she will write about you after it is over. good for her making all the cash. adam: at least she won't tweet about it, right? cheryl: exactly. adam: hog-wild. understatement when it comes to hog prices which hit another record high today.
1:54 pm
jeff flock is live in chicago. jeff? >> back in the pork shop kitchen. take a look at that that is a pork belly rolled up and turned into pastrami. if you like pork buy it now because prices are smokin' hot. we'll tell you why. wish we could smell that. [ cellphones beeping ] ♪ [ cellphone rings ] hello? [ male announcer ] over 12,000 financial advisors. good, good. good over $700 billion dollars in assets under care. let me just put this away. [ male announcer ] how did edward jones so big? could you teach kids that trick? [ male announcer ] by not acting that way. ok, st quarter... [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ makes sense of investing. if ...hey breathing's hard... know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis.
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adam: pork prices to continue to hit record highs as hog producers battle a widespread swine flu outbreak which is affecting herds. jeff flock live from a barbecue restaurant in chicago where the aroma must be wonderful. >> it is great, i'll tell you, adam, wish you were here. it is the pork shop. look what they're watching on tv. how about that? i want to take you acrosstown before i take you back into the kitchen at the cme look at the hog pit over cme. doesn't look like a lot is going on there. if you look at price chart, the
1:58 pm
prices are going through the roof. mike runs the pork shop. it is killing you. >> it is. it is. we started operation four years ago and it is absolutely, something we have to take account every day what the prices are coming in. >> record prices in the futures every day on this. show me what you got here. i love to see this. we took a look at this pork belly earlier. >> pork belly pastrami. this is brine pork belly 10 days. smoke it for 14 hours. we're seeing pork bellies go up. we have to take notice. come up this way, bob. so you see inside the smoker there. we have pork ribs. baby back and st. louis style pork ribs. >> this virus, look at numbers on this virus. does not hurt humans at all. >> not at all. >> not a problem. doesn't hurt you that way. hurts you in the pocketbook. >> certainly. a value of 60% or so on the price of goods, and not passing that along to the consumer in four years this is something we have to take notice of now.
1:59 pm
>> 4,000 cases confirmed, adam, all across the country, 26 states. i want to put the top states up there. what do you do? you have not raised prices in years. >> no, sir. since we opened we have not raised prices. we tried to do value added marketing. we look doing other pieces, saving bits and pieces at end of pork bellies, put them into our soups to take make pork stock. we're literally at the edge of our ledge. >> i leave you with picture cutting up potatoes there. he used to trade t-bonds at cme. he is chopping potatoes. making more money in the kitchen. talk to him later. adam: jeff flock. get us a side of slaw. cheryl: thanks for ending with potatoes and not more of the pork belly. adam: says the vegetarian. melissa: i was wondering about that. what is wrong with the pork? it looks fantastic. i see. thanks, guys. we have lot to talk about the throw down with herbalife and
2:00 pm
bill ackman's latest effort to take it down. he is getting china involved. we'll see who wins today's round. huge announcement from howard schultz. sounds like he is taking on paypal. we heard that on maria's show earlier. wait until you hear what he had to say. the brilliant liz ann sonders on new trends in hiring. governor of georgia is trying to create his own hollywood of the south. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: billionaire hedge fund manager bill ackman locking horns with herbalife. preparing to launch the latest attacks on violations the company allegedly made in china. ackman betting a billion dollars he lands a knockout punch against herbalife


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